HOURYJun 01, 2015


Borrower: Mrs. Houry

Location: Chtaura


Houry is a 50-year-old Armenian woman, married with two children.  Houry used to work as a teacher in Armenia until she got married and moved to Lebanon. She started working with her husband in his flower shop, and after gaining experience, she took over the shop and improved its structure and productivity.

Houry expanded the flower shop and purchased supplies and equipment, which played a significant role in its development. However, due to high competition in the area, she had to enhance her productivity to gain a competitive advantage over the other flowers stores.  Therefore, she needed to make her shop better in all aspects, and hence she turned to Emkan Finance for a loan. 

She secured a first loan of $1,600 to build a cold storage room.  Soon after she repaid the first loan, she took a second loan of $1,500 to register the flower shop and the van she uses for flower delivery.  She then took a third loan of $1,500 to expand the shop furthermore.  These upgrades coupled with her good customer service allowed her to maintain a competitive edge and increase her profit.

Recently, Houry applied for a fourth loan of $2,000 that she used to purchase more products to keep up with high demand as well as the high season of weddings, birthdays, and other events.  Houry’s flower shop has been operating very well, allowing her to expand the scope of her work even more. She applied for a fifth loan of $4,300 to purchase table covers, chairs, vases, and flower pots to improve the quality of her service and products. 

These improvements led to an increase in her profit as well as her client base.

Houry’s goal is to purchase greenhouses to plant flowers. She is positive that with the assistance of the loans she is accessing from Emkan Finance, Houry will be able to reach her business growth plans.


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