TANIJul 01, 2015


Borrower: Mr. Tani

Location: Tripoli


Tani is a 37-year-old man, married with two children.  He owns a butcher shop, which he has been running for more than eight years.  Building upon his 12 years of experience as an employee in a butcher shop, he was able to save to start his own butcher business.

In the early years of his business, Tani faced some difficulties obtaining loans from commercial banks, until he met an Emkan loan officer who advised him to apply for a loan that would assist him realize his business objectives. 

Emkan finance granted him an initial $2,000 loan to buy a meat grinder.  Soon after he repaid the first loan, he followed up with a second loan request of $1,600 to purchase charcoal and spices for product diversification.  Later, he secured a third loan of $2,600 to buy essential tools,and recently, he secured a $6,000 loan to purchase livestock to expand his operation.

These major upgrades in his shop allowed him to substantially increase his production and sales, as well as attain his business goals.

Tani dreams of owning his own livestock farm in the future to improve the quality of his products.  Emkan Finance team is glad to continue its support of Tani’s initiatives and help him realize his goals and objectives. 

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