Director's Note

Financial inclusion encompasses the provision of financial services to the economically active low-income segment of the population. These efforts deepen financial markets and result in the development of the sector as well as expand client outreach to include the unbanked.

Emkan Finance was established as a response to the unmet demand for financial services and limited economic stimulants in local communities in Lebanon. Emkan Finance has been growing steadily since its inception in early 2009 [as a program under Emkan NGO].The organization continued its expansion in 2011 with the establishment of Emkan Finance by Bankmed as a financial institution licensed and regulated by the Banque du Liban. Today, Emkan Finance has extended services to thousands of clients and the team working across Lebanon has been growing steadily.

The main shareholder of Emkan Finance, Bankmed – one of the largest commercial banks in Lebanon, has been instrumental in supporting the delivery of Emkan’s financial services to local communities all over the country. The dedication of our team and our commitment to providing quality services to the low income has made all these advances possible. Persisting with the development of a sustainable financial institution, coupled with maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction are our main goals.

On behalf of Emkan Finance team, I would like to emphasize our commitment to quality services as we work towards expanding the realm of financial services in Lebanon and create new opportunities in rural communities and regional economies around the country.


Dr. Mayada Baydas
Executive General Manager